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For Business

One-stop customized business management solution for the most efficient day to day operations including Communication (Work Email, Chat, Phone), Talent Acquisition, HRM, CRM, Product Sale & Branding, Innovation, Strategy, Cap Table, Agreement, Accounting and so on...


For Communication

Live Chat with unlimited channels

Work Email with your company domain

Work Phone compatible with mobile, desktop, and other devices


For Hiring & Onboarding

The best talent acquisition solution on the planet

Evaluate the candidate's profile in an innovative way

Advanced application management system

The system recommended candidates based on advanced analytics

Talent Acquisition Calculator (TAC), a Lubyc innovation

Onboarding system for new hires


For HR Management

Employee, Shift, Payroll, Leave, Holiday management

Objective employee growth and promotion (with no bias)

Individuals and company structure-wise bonus allocation


For Innovation

Provide an environment to engage each employee for innovation

Define proper reward package & allocate accordingly

Get company success nurturing an innovative work environment


For Strategy Management

Create strategies to support mission, vision, and company goal

Encourage all employees and nourish environment for innovation

Eliminate gaps and establish transparency among upper management and individual contributors

Live report to identify bottlenecks and come up with resolutions

Guide everyone as needed for the optimal growth of the company


For Project Management

Integrated agile and waterfall PM platform

5-15 report submission for daily, weekly or monthly

Task creation, assignment, progress, and its projection

Provide performance-based visibilities

Resource allocation and need analysis


For Progress Funnel - CRM

Custom multi-level customer relationship management (CRM)

Company-specific progress steps definition with visibility

Set target for employees or company and track performance

Communicate directly with potential leads via email

Analyze data to produce report company or task wise


For Accounting & Finance

A basic accounting with balance sheets and income statements

Financial activities including employee expense report


For Products & Services

Sell products and services offered by your company

Manage products including market demand analysis

API integration for product management as needed

Promote your products and brands in Lubyc platform


For Legal & Agreement

Upload your legal documents & complete agreements virtually

Use pre existing templates for some legal activities as needed like Non-Disclosure Agreement, Letter of Intention, IP Agreement & so on


For Knowledge Retention

Innovative platform to retain knowledge in case of leaving or retiring employees


Cap Table Management

Managing the total number of stocks and its allocations digitally considering vesting period, cliff and so on


For Funding

Create your strategy for debt & equity funding

Prepare accordingly with existing knowledge & resources

Introduce & present your company to the investors & get funded

Manage the whole fundraising journey with Lubyc


For Dedicated Support

Work with a dedicated account manager

Provide appropriate support needed for the startup